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Why the name CoHearts?

CoHearts Speech Therapy & Communication Services, PLLC, has a simple foundation. Its genesis is from the word cohort. In ancient times it meant a group of warriors or soldiers; a group or company of people banded together who share a characteristic.

The name CoHearts is also symbolized by the placing together of two overlapping thumbprints, perfectly imprinting a heart. It encapsulates the unity of vision and solidarity that is the driving force behind our organization. We’re a community of helpers led by our heart’s passion to support the ‘least of these.' We're banded together to see them excel!

We put our hearts into communicating!

A Little About the Founder

darla greene

I’ve been a practicing Speech-Language Pathologist for over 14 years. I’m a mom of two boys, a youth leader in my church, philanthropist,  an ongoing member of  Zero To Three and the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University’s “Talk With Me Baby” parent coaching program. Additionally, I partner with the Sandy Hook Program to help bring awareness to measures that prevent gun violence in the schools. Each of my roles inform my decisions and fuels my passion for the community.

 My journey to CoHearts began a couple years ago while trying to stay current on trends in my field and staying abreast of social injustices within the community. I started to see shocking patterns in research outcomes that bore the most negative impact on certain populations such as children from low socio-economic status, children with poor social language, and children of color. They were not thriving in schools nor did they have adequate care to support their needs outside of school.

Our children are struggling! Many in our communities don't realize the magnitude of the challenges they face that can last into adulthood.  When authentic connectedness decreases so does social competencies, along with meaningful relationships.  These identified groups are often over-identified for disorders, punished at higher rates, labeled negatively, ostracized by peers, and reported to graduate high school at lower rates. They’re not landing jobs that propel them out of poverty and the cycle continues to their children. Their life is also peppered with run-ins with the law that correlate to a higher percentage of aggressive interactions and jail time. 

Though disheartening this data provoked me to re-evaluate my service delivery and what my contributions were to my community.  How could my expertise effect change? I asked myself the hard questions and vowed to take actions to produce  answers.

CoHearts Speech Therapy & Communication Services, PLLC, is a change agent. We provide evidence-based services,  coaching and creative communication to stay in constant conversation with parents and caregivers. We’re about collaboration with other health care and academic professionals to deliver a seamless model of care towards our leaders of tomorrow.  It is our belief that by staying abreast of best practices and by staying engaged with our community, we're changing the trajectory of tomorrow for our children and  breaking down communication barriers.