Social skills are the rules associated with the use of language in conversation and broader social situations. Pragmatics involve three major communication skills:

  • Using language- Both verbal and nonverbal (gestures like hand waves, shoulder shrugs) to express you thoughts and needs.
  • Changing language- Modifying how you adapt your language to fit the listener or a different environment. I.e, speaking with a baby vss an adult or talking in a movie library vs. a playground.
  • Following rules-Governing yourself according to what is socially acceptable in the presence of others.

 Why advocate for social skills?

Research supports that pragmatics language or social skills are decreasing in the age of digital competition from smart phones, gaming devices and social media. Unfortunately, while schools may acknowledge or address social skills, they are placed on the back burner in relation to reading, writing, and arithmetic. The impact is negative outcomes that EFFECT a child's life far into adulthood.